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Tindall's of London cast solid silver jewellery using techniques that have been crafted for hundreds of years.

Casting solid silver jewellery that has quality and weight. All are handmade and hand finished My my unique casting's that separate me from the rest and all assayed at the Goldsmith company in London with my full English hallmark and makers mark.

Experience over the years has shown me what customers like to see in a piece of jewellery I have  good number of returning customers who like my style of designs. I  cut  no corners  each item takes a good few working hours to make I then inspect the item  before it being sent of for hallmarking, I cast in sterling silver quality of 925 and some casting in higher grade of silver 958 that is not normally seen in the jewellery market.


I am registered at the Goldsmith Company in London , I understand the importance of a full hallmark and makers mark the purity that equals the quality, a full English hallmark that is struck onto a piece ensures your item has been tested for purity,

My London Assay mark which we are proud of and makers mark (A T) for Anthony Tindall.

I hope you enjoy my unique pieces of jewellery that have the quality and weight of the ancient past, solid cast jewellery handmade and finished.



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Over 1600 -100% positive feedback

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